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All Indian passport holder required a visa to enter in Singapore as well as visitors or travellers need to meet the various required to enter in Singapore. you are planning to Singapore then you need a valid Singapore visa from Vijayawada as well as required valid travel documents (minimum validity of 6 month at time of applying visa), confirmed return Air ticket back to Vijayawada, sufficient fun to stay in Singapore during the visit, entry facilities and visa for entry in Singapore from Vijayawada. you must be present yourself for immigration Clarence before entering in Singapore. you need to satisfied basic requirement before entering in Singapore. if you are eligible to enter in Singapore then Singapore embassy provide a visa pass and it will show that how many days you can stay in Singapore. while you are on visit pass on Singapore then you are not permitted to engage in business, professional and paid activities during your stay in Singapore. overstaying in Singapore is punishable offence and you can apply for extension you visa throughe service. you don't required to apply for Singapore Visa in Vijayawada if you have a official or diplomate passport from India.

How GTMVI visa agents help you get Singapore Visa from Vijayawada?

GTMVI is travel visa consultancy and offering Singapore visa services in Vijayawada last 20 years. we have experience professional visa agents for Singapore visa and have huge experience with working with Singapore embassy in Vijayawada. Singapore visa assistance of GTMVI Agency will help you get your visa easily through Singapore consulate in Vijayawada. Singapore visa consultants in Vijayawada will guide you about how apply for Singapore visa, visa fees, visa procedure, type of Singapore visa, visa documents and Singapore visa processing time. Singapore tourist and business visa is highly demanding from Vijayawada for Indian Citizens. GTMVI team will charge as visa fees for Singapore as a professional services in Vijayawada. GTMVI Singapore visa agents in Vijayawada help you apply for entry visa, electronic arrival card, extend stay and more. GTMVI visa consultants help you get Singapore tourist visa, business visa, visitor visa, travel visa, work visa, study visa, family visa, medical visa and eVisa from Vijayawada.

Check that do you need entry visa for Singapore?

A Singapore visa is not immigration pass, it is pre entry permission to enter or travel to Singapore from Vijayawada. immigration pass of Singapore is determine by ICA Official at the entry in Singapore. possession of valid visa alone does not guarantee to enter in Singapore. the period of stay granted is shown on your visit pass endorsement given on your passport and it does not validity of your visa of Singapore.

Visa requirements for Indian Citizens for Singapore?

if you are planning to visit, holidays, business, study or work in Singapore then you need a valid Singapore visa from Vijayawada. to apply for a entry visa for business and social visit, you will need the following documents.

  1. Duly signed and completed form 14A by you. Visa application is filled based on your information declared in this form.
  2. Your recent passport size coloured photograph taken within the last three months, according the photo guidance for Singapore.
  3. A valid passport that is valid for at least Six Months from date of your departure to Singapore.
  4. All supported documents that are mentation in your application.
  5. passport copy of Invitee.
  6. 6 Month Bank Statement.
  7. Confirmed return ticket.
  8. Original Covering Letter with Purpose of visit to Singapore, date of arrival, no of passenger, place of stay in Singapore and applicant employment details.
  9. Address proof of companies letter head
  10. Electricity of last month
  11. For Singapore tourist visa, if invited by family or friends then a invitation letter from your family and friends in Singapore
  12. For Singapore tourist visa - sponsored letter or financial of sponsor are required if the applicant is travelling alone and unemployment.
  13. For business visa - An invitation letter form company in Singapore as well as Singapore tour packages includes the entire visa process.

A visa for Singapore from Vijayawada is given to travellers who want to visit Singapore for holidays, work, study and medical treatments. if your plan is short trip to Singapore then you need to apply for e tourist visa in form of an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorisation). processing time for Singapore tourist visa, business visa, work vis and study visa is 7 to 10 days from Vijayawada.

If a Indian citizen want to travel for Singapore as tourism, then you need to apply for electronic travel authorisation through Singapore embassy. it can obtain prior at arrival of Singapore. it is online process to apply Singapore tourist visa from Vijayawada. business or work visa for Singapore is required people those want to start business in Singapore or seeking employment in Singapore. Singapore business and working visa known as employment pass or entrepreneur pass in Singapore. student visa is Singapore is known as study pass in Singapore and required for students those want to study in Singapore. Our visa agents for Singapore is highly experienced and guide you each step of visa process and information like as how to apply for ETA and electronic arrival card, what you have required for entry and what you can bring before entry in Singapore, how to apply for extend your stay in Singapore, how to apply for long term pass of Singapore and more.

GTMVI is not only providing Singapore visa services in Vijayawada but also we are also offering flight air tickets for Singapore from Vijayawada, Singapore holidays packages, Singapore honeymoon packages, Singapore adventure packages, Singapore family trip and Singapore cruise packages from Vijayawada. We keep your documents secure and confidential is our priority. Our fees is not too of visa processing in Vijayawada as compare to other visa agents for Singapore. you have not to worried for your visa query, we are here to help you any time.